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Bosch 400W White Red Hand Mixer MFQ36300GB

Bosch 400W White Red Hand Mixer MFQ36300GB


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Bosch 400W Hand Mixer MFQ3630DGB

Bosch 400W Hand Mixer MFQ3630DGB

Bosch 400W Hand Mixer MFQ3630DGB Sale


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Ready to become a pro in the kitchen, but can’t decide which food mixer to buy? Well, you’re in luck, since here at we have everything you might ever need. In fact, we stock some of the best food mixers for sale in Ireland. But there’s no need to go through all our products – whatever you do, you can never go wrong with Bosch.

Why Choose Bosch

Who hasn’t heard of Bosch? From electric saws to food mixers, they do it all and they do it well. It’s no wonder – they have over a century of experience in designing and making home appliances of all sorts. That’s why they’re among the best when it comes to quality.

But wait till you see how functional Bosch food mixers are. Their products in general are powerful and work fast, meaning you need to spend less time in the kitchen. Also, a lot of them have features that help you minimize the time spent cleaning. Bosch food mixers with splash guards, for example, are great if you want to keep your kitchen spotless at all times.

Of course, you want your kitchen appliances to be as versatile as possible. If you’d like to be able to bake cakes and make really good dough with a single food mixer, Bosch is the way to go. They have some of the best stand mixers complete with all the attachments, such as dough hooks. Some of them even have built-in scales.

To make it even better, Bosch products are crazy durable, so they’re a great choice if you want your appliance to last for years to come. And if you want your grandkids to be able to inherit it from you, simply choose one of their stainless-steel food mixers.

As you can see, Bosch food mixers combine everything you’d ever want in that type of appliance. But of course, if you’re more interested in making smoothies and soups than baking cakes and bread, check out these Bosch blenders and soup mixers.

Our Delivery Promise

If you buy your food mixer online, we guarantee you won’t regret it. How can we be so confident? Well, we offer the fastest delivery out there, but we also make sure to keep our delivery fees as low as possible. That’s why you can have your shining new Bosch mixer within 1 to 2 working days for only €5.