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Campingaz is a premium and renowned Barbecue brand. With a leading share of the European market, Campingaz is rapidly becoming the go-to barbecue brand for quality and performance.

Born from the simple love of camping and the outdoors, Campingaz was the brainchild of three French engineers. They envisioned a stylish, easy to sue product that wouldn’t break the bank. 65 years later and Campingaz have re-launched their barbecue range with customer satisfaction at the forefront! Their 3 and 4 Series barbecues are based off countless hours of consumer and technology research, resulting in a state-of-the-art barbecue that won’t let you down!

Our Campingaz range is always available at the lowest price so you'll always get the best deal with us! Check out the selection below and get yourself ready for BBQ season!