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Electric Hobs

AppliancesDelivered.ie have a great range of low cost electric hobs in stock. Choose from ceramic, solid plate and induction hobs, the number of cooking zones you need and the shape that suits your kitchen. We stock brands including Gorenje, Amica, Beko, Bosch and Whirlpool among others. Get yourself a bargain today with our Price Match Promise on all appliances.

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Ignis 60cm Electric Hob AKL7000WH

Montpellier 60cm Solid Plate Electric Hob SP440X

Beko 60cm Electric Hob HIZE64101W

Beko 60cm Electric Hob HIZE64101X

Ignis 60cm Stainless Steel Solid Plate Hob AKL700IX

Amica 60cm Electric Hob PW4ES11

Amica 60cm Electric Hob PG4ES11

Whirlpool 60cm Electric Hob AKM330/IX

Adessentials 60cm Ceramic Hob AD-60TCC

Montpellier Integrated Electric Hob CS440

Amica 60cm Ceramic Hob PH6400Z

Adessentials Ceramic Hob AD-60DTCC

Adessentials Induction Hob AD-60IND

Amica 60cm Electric Hob PH6220UK

Gorenje 60cm Ceramic Hob EC630SC

Gorenje 60cm Glass Ceramic Hob EC630SC

Gorenje Glass Ceramic Electric Hob ECT610SC

Amica 60cm Induction Hob PI6540TG