Extractor Fans & Cooker Hoods

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Extractor Fans & Cooker Hoods

Extractor Fans & Cooker Hoods are a functional addition to your kitchen and can also be a stylish one. Their job is for ventilating steam and odours while cooking. We have a range of great looking hoods in various shapes and colours that would be a great focal point over your cooker. We have angled glass hoods, stylish stainless steel hoods, and canopy hoods. Everything to suit your extractor fan and cooker hood needs.

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ADessentials 600mm CP Contract Canopy Hood AD0030802

Amica 600mm Conventional Hood OSC6468W

Amica 500mm Conventional Hood Stainless Steel OSC5458I

ADessentials Beetle Canopy Hood 600mm AD0030004

Amica 600mm Conventional Hood Stainless Steel OSC6458I

ADessentials Eletta 900mm Chimney Hood AD3982423

Amica 600mm Chimney Hood Stainless Steel OKP621Z

ADessentials 800mm Beetle Canopy Hood AD0030005

ADessentials Lion 600mm Chimney Hood AD0030311

ADessentials Lion 600mm Chimney Hood CP8X01G62BN02HF

ADessentials Lion 700mm Chimney Hood AD0030315

ADessentials Lion 700mm Chimney Hood AD0030314

Gorenje 600mm Canopy Hood DF6315X

ADessentials Lion 900mm Chimney Hood AD0030316

ADessentials Lion 900mm Chimney Hood AD0030313

Amica 900mm Chimney Hood Stainless Steel OKP931Z

Amica 600mm Chimney Hood With Curved Glass OKP631G

ADessentials Twin 600mm Chimney Hood AD0030322

ADessentials Twin 700mm Chimney Hood AD0030324

ADessentials Condor 600mm Chimney Hood AD3982232

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Montpellier 10 Place Setting White Freestanding Slimline 10.5L Dishwasher DW1064P
Montpellier 7kg 1200rpm White Freestanding Washing Machine MW7112P
Montpellier 50/50 Freestanding Fridge Freezer MS152W
Bosch 12 Place Setting Integrated 12L Dishwasher SMV50C10GB
Montpellier 82L White Freestanding Undercounter Larder Fridge MLA48W
Montpellier 12 Place Setting Silver Freestanding 12L Dishwasher DW1254S
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Iceking 92L White Freestanding Undercounter Fridge RL111AP2
Montpellier 12 Place Setting White Integrated Dishwasher MDI600
Montpellier Built-Under Electric Double Oven MDO70X
White Knight 7kg Vented White Tumble Dryer WK44A7W
Iceking 80/20 Freestanding Fridge Freezer FF137AP2
Montpellier 70/30 Integrated Fridge Freezer MIFF700
Remington 2000w Ceramic grille hairdryer D3010
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Sabichi White Essential Electric Kettle 1.7L 139733
Elgento 2000W Steam Iron E22002
Montpellier 7kg/5kg 1200rpm White Freestanding Washer Dryer MWD7512P
Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner V6
Amica 7kg White Freestanding Vented Tumble Dryer ADV7CLCW
Gorenje 12 Place Setting Integrated 12L Dishwasher GV60110UK
Amica White 700W 20L Freestanding Microwave AMM20M70VP
Montpellier 500mm Freestanding Electric Cooker MSE50W
Montpellier 600mm Solid Plate Electric Hob SP440X
IceKing 245L White Freestanding Larder Fridge RL253AP2
Bosch 8kg White Freestanding Heat Pump Condenser Tumble Dryer WTH83000GB
Iceking 42L White Freestanding Tabletop Fridge TT46AP2
Amica 39L White Freestanding Tabletop Freezer FZ041.3
Beko 7kg White Condenser Tumble Dryer DC7112W
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Amica 70/30 Integrated Fridge Freezer BK316.3
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Iceking 98L White Freestanding Chest Freezer CH1041H
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General Purpose Fire Extinguisher EI531-SK
Bosch 6Kg 1200rpm White Freestanding Washing Machine WAB24161GB
Bosch 8kg 1400rpm White Freestanding Washing Machine WAP28378GB
IceKing 120 litre Freestanding Undercounter Fridge with Ice Box RHK551AP2
Indesit 6kg/5kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washer Dryer IWDC6125
Montpellier 65L Stainless Steel Single Multifunction Oven SFO66MX
IceKing 163L White Freestanding Tall Freezer RZ203AP2
Iceking 200Litre Freestanding Chest Freezer CF200W
Iceking 80/20 Undercounter Fridge Freezer IK2022AP2
Iceking 80L Freestanding Undercounter Fridge With Ice Box RK113AP2