Ring, 64-8asps7-weu0, Spotlight Camera Solar Panel, White

Ring, 64-8asps7-weu0, Spotlight Camera Solar Panel, White

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  • Ring, 64-8asps7-weu0, Spotlight Camera Solar Panel, White

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Charging Made Effortless
No more dismounting your camera to juice it up. No more stressful swapping batteries. No more dealing with recording failures. The Wasserstein solar panel completely takes the hassle out of operating your Ring Battery Cam by keeping it fully charged 24/7. Surveil your property without any strain.

Fully Adjustable Design
Unlike other solar panels that can only be set up in one angle, Ring comes with a 360-degree-adjustable mount that allows you to achieve maximum light exposure throughout the year. In addition, Ring panel also comes with a 5m DC connector cable allowing for greater flexibility during positioning and all the mounting hardware required.

100% Weather Resistant
We’re all about ensuring safe charging of your outdoor camera. That’s why Ring DC connector cable is designed to form a water-tight seal around the connection point. So even during rainy days, you’ll never end up with a short-circuited cam and expensive repairs on your hands.

Impressive Efficiency
No dealing with solar panels that fail to perform in low light conditions. The Wasserstein panel is fitted with high-converting photovoltaic cells that help juice up your camera much faster with just a few hours of sunlight. Experience uninterrupted charging even in the low-light winter months.

High-efficiency photovoltaic cells
Heavy duty and weatherproof design
Extra-long cable for greater flexibility
Fully adjustable for maximum light exposure

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