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Get the juices flowing with some of the best juicers out there. Here at AppliancesDelivered.ie we stock great models at great prices, so you only need to take your pick. But let us help you make the right decision first.

Choosing Your Juicer

Before you make any other decisions, think about what kind of juicer you really need. If orange and grapefruit juice are what you’d mostly be making, you might like a citrus juicer best. But if you think you’d get tempted to make carrot juice, consider getting a whole fruit juicer. These allow you to throw in any kind of fruit and make pulp-free juice from whatever you have in your home.

Making such healthy juices requires quite a bit of power, which is why you should also consider wattage. While it’s perfectly okay to get a model with less than 100w for squeezing citrus fruit, you’ll want something more powerful for other kinds of fruit. Luckily, we stock models with up to 800w, so you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.

And don’t forget about capacity. If you’re the only one into healthy juices, a model with a 0.5L capacity would probably be enough. But if fruit juice is something your friends and family enjoy, consider opting for a model with a 1L or even 2L capacity. These are all options you can find right here on our website. And if you're trying to lead a healthier lifestyle in general, check out our range of smoothie makers, health grills and slow cookers.

Brands We Sell

When it comes to making juice, there are so many great devices out there. That’s why we at AppliancesDelivered.ie make sure you get enough choices. Our offer includes some of the best available models, such as Salter and Kenwood juicer models.

Our Delivery Promise

When you’re done choosing the best juice maker for yourself, we’ll make sure you get it as soon as possible. Since we’re partners with the trusted An Post, this means we’ll be knocking on your door within 1 to 2 working days. All that for a delivery fee of only €5.