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Steam Cleaners

Take a look at our range of steam cleaners and steam mops. The power of steam will help to break down stubborn stains around the home. Wash and polish your hardwood floors, wash and clean your carpets and steam your clothes to keep them looking fresh and crease free. You can also steam your windows, mirrors and refresh and deodorise your upholstery.

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Vax Grime Master Handheld Steam Cleaner S4

Steam One Travel H2s

Vax S7 Steam Duet Master 2-1 Combi

Vax Kitchen and Bathroom Master Compact Steam Cleaner S5

Nilfisk Compact High Pressure Washer C105.6.5



Vax Steam Solution Combi S86SFC

Vax Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner S6S

Nilfisk C120.6-6 XTRA Pressure Cleaner 128470366

Steam One - H8



Steam One - H10s