Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver

Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver

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  • Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver
  • Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver
  • Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver
  • Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver
  • Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver
  • Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver
  • Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver
  • Kenwood, Kcl95.424si, Cooking Chef Xl, Silver
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Connect to the Kenwood World App for step by step recipe inspiration straight to your mixer, experience ultimate temperature control with induction heating technology up to 180 °and weigh directly into your bowl with the in built, precision EasyWeigh scale.

Baking is just the beginning Open a world of possibilities with a powerful Kenwood mixer that also cooks.

Precise, induction heating technology allows you to control temperatures from 20-180° in 1° increments, making Cooking Chef XL perfect for performing the most delicate bakery tasks including chocolate tempering, while also getting hot enough to handle delicious stir fries.

The possibilities are endless With cooking temperatures ranging from 20°C to 140°C, with 2°C precision, the Cooking Chef can help you prepare everything from smooth, rich sauces to delicious homemade jams.

And the built in timer will help you avoid overcooking or burning your food, leaving you more time to focus on preparing the other parts of your meal.

Get yourself connected Browse the Kenwood World App, powered by Drop to access 100s of sweet and savoury recipes from all over the world.

Choose your favourite and send the cooking / baking parameters direct to mixer.

Cooking Chef XL then does the hard work while you can focus on adding your own touch of style.

Mess free measuring In built EasyWeigh scales save time and reduce mess while baking, allowing you to weigh all your ingredients directly into the bowl - or anywhere else on the machine.

They even work when using the optional attachments so you can weigh directly into your blender, food processor, or juicer when it is attached.

Precision at your fingertips Controlling your Cooking Chef XL couldn't be easier with the intuitive, 4.3" CookAssist™ touchscreen.

Simply tap the screen to zero your scale or navigate your timer, stir intervals, temperature and presets.

Great results are at your fingertips.

Blender & Food Processor Attachments included To get you off to a great start we have included our best selling attachments in pack.  Create delicious soups, smoothies and shakes in the ThermoResist Blender, which can withstand heat and even crush ice.

Chop, slice and mix with the compact Food Processor attachment, with knife blade and 6 blades.  Total Mix Planetary Action A test of good performance is how well the ingredients are mixed in the bowl.

While most beaters rotate in a circular motion the Kenwood bowl tools move in a planetary way.

Kenwood’s total mixing action means that while the beater is revolving in one direction, the socket turns in the opposite direction making sure that all the mixture is picked up from around the side, bottom and centre of the bowl.

It is consistent whether you are whisking one egg white or 2.4kg of stiff bread dough.

A huge range of recipes that work every time.  You can create recipes you never thought possible with your Cooking Chef, and we have hundreds of recipes on our website and on the Free Kenwood World Connected App.

All of our recipes have been extensively tested by our teams at our HQ in Havant, Hampshire.  ...And even add your own! Made something amazing with your Cooking Chef? Leave a review on the recipe, or tips and tricks that made your dish even more special.

You will also find other users comments and feedback, all of which is constantly reviewed for recipe updates.

Can`t find the recipe you want? Let our team know.

And you can even contribute your own recipe and share it with Kenwood users all over the world.  24 attachments, 100s of possibilities With multiple features, the Cooking Chef XL kitchen machine gives you complete control over how you prepare your food, whether it’s whilst mixing, slicing or whisking.

Including a generous 6.7 litre bowl with a 3 litre cooking capacity, no meal is too large or too ambitious for the Kenwood Cooking Chef.  And with 24 additional attachments available, from food mincers to frozen dessert makers, grain mills to pasta makers, the Kenwood Cooking Chef is an essential time saving kitchen tool for any accomplished chef.

Ten Year Motor Guarantee As you would expect from a kitchen machine capable of functioning as a dough mixer, the Cooking Chef houses a tough motor.

You don’t need to take our word for it however – peace of mind comes in the form of a ten-year guarantee on the motor.

Everything you need to get started is included Your new Cooking Chef XL comes with everything you need to create amazing results from the first day you receive it, including our best selling and most essential attachments.  As well as your Cooking Chef you will receive in the box: KAH647 Food Processor Attachment to chop, slice and grate Creaming (Flexi) Beater - to combine every last bit of delicious mixture for zero waste Power Whisk - Stainless Steel Whisk with extra strength for even thr toughest of tasks.  K Beater - Stainless Steel - The mainstay of baking with any Kenwood Chef Dough Hook - Stainless Steel - Knead dough professionally without the effort.

Blender - ThemoResist temperature resistant glass - for soups, crushing ice & more.  Stirring Tool - Exclusive to Cooking Chef, this tool will gently stir your curries and stews without breaking up your meat and vegetables.  Steamer Basket - for healthy steamed vegetables without the fuss Heat Shield - Keep the heat where you need it Splash Guard with feeder - Keep your flour in the bowl, not all over your worktop.  The Kenwood Cooking Chef really is the only product you will ever need in your kitchen.

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