Hassle-free Appliance Installation 

Let us take the heat out of buying your new appliance by giving you great value installation. Our installers are fully qualified who have the training required to fit appliances safely. For extra peace of mind, our installers will always ring or text you before prior arrival, so you don't have to wait in all day. offers nationwide installation. Installation days are Monday-Friday.

Installation Prices

Different items have a different installation price according to their specifications:

  • Free standing appliance install: €60 
  • Integrated appliance install: €80
  • Range Cooker install: €100 
  • Oven install: €50 
  • Hob install: €50 
  • Hob and Oven combo: €90

Installation FAQS

Will you be able to disconnect my appliances?

Yes, that's no problem. Our installers can disconnect your old item for you when we arrive, as long as you have selected and paid for our installation service.

I require collection of my old appliances but don't need installation. Will you still disconnect them for me?

No, we won't be able to disconnect a gas or electric cooker if you haven't selected our installation service. You would need to make sure the item is disconnected, clean and dry before we arrive to deliver your new appliance and take the old one away.

How long will the installation take?

Each installation is different, so we cannot give you a definite time frame.  

What happens if my appliance cannot be installed? Do I get a refund?

If there is a problem with your installation, please contact us at and we can rearrange your installation, provided it can be completed. Sometimes, if installation is not possible then we will refund you the charge.

I need a built in / built under oven. Will you fit it into the unit?

Yes we will. Our installer will first make sure the surround is sturdy enough to support the new oven, and provided it is will then connect the oven.

I have bought a larger hob than my old one and need it installed. Will you cut the worktop to fit it?

We are currently only installing hobs where the new hob will fit into the space in the worktop left by the previous hob.

What does standard installation include?

We will unpack, position and power up your new product. We will test and ensure the product is in full working order and the area is left as we found it before we leave.

Do you offer Gas Installation? do not offer installation on gas appliances.


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