Ninja, OG701UK, Ninja Woodfire Air Grill, Multi

Ninja, OG701UK, Ninja Woodfire Air Grill, Multi

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  • Ninja Ninja Woodfire Air Grill, Multi
  • Ninja Woodfire Air Grill
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  • Ninja Woodfire Air Grill
  • Ninja Air Grill
  • Ninja Multi Air Grill
  • Multi Air Grill
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The Ninja Air Fryer Grill is an innovative appliance that has been taking the cooking world by storm. Combining the power of a grill, an oven, and an air fryer, this multi-functional machine has quickly become a go-to for anyone who loves to cook and wants to explore new possibilities in the kitchen. 

One of the key features of the Ninja Woodfire Air Grill is its ability to cook with wood-fired flavors. With the ability to use real wood chips, you can enjoy the delicious smoky flavour that is often only achievable with a traditional outdoor grill. This feature makes the Ninja Woodfire Air Grill perfect for those who love the taste of grilled meats and vegetables but prefer the convenience of cooking indoors.

Ninja Woodfire Air Grill is an absolute versatile appliance given its seven customisable preset cooking functions. These functions include the most used ones including air fry, roast, bake, reheat and dehyrate. 

Try different cooking methods and experiment your way to creating a whole new delicious dish with ist current preset functions. Make cooking easier, set it to the right cooking method, leave the grill and do other things while it cooks the perfect dish for you. Instant chef and kitchen helpe for you.

The large 28cm x 38cm grill plate fits 8 burgers, 16 sausages, 2 racks of ribs or a 2kg pork shoulder. The air frying basket can cook up to 1kg of wings or wedges. You can also cook from frozen to chargrilled – perfect for a no-prep weeknight BBQ or cooking frozen favourites like vegetarian sausages and burgers. Grill anywhere Electric power means no charcoal, gas or flames – so it’s safe to use in gardens, patios, campsites, balconies and other small outdoor spaces. Equipped with a 1.6m power cord, just plug in and go.

The Ninja Air Fryer Grill features a digital control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature and cooking time with ease. The appliance comes with a host of accessories including crisper basket, grill plate, cooking flat plate for searing and sauteing sliced vegetables or fruits, and a combo-crisper basket to cook mains and sides at the same time. 

A bbq cover also is available to help protect the food you’re cooking from elements. A purchase of this grill gets you woodfire pellets as well. It is important to note that this product is intended for outdoor use and never indoor because they poste a risk of fire or heat damage to indoor structures. 

Grills produce smoke, fumes and grease that can be harmful to anyone who inhale them if these were released indoors. 

Grilling outdoors provide a more open and natural environment, allowing for better air circulation and ventilation and avoids the possibility of heat-related accidents. 

At Appliances Delivered, we are proud to offer the Ninja Woodfire Air Grill to our customers in Ireland. This Ninja Air Fryer Grill is versatile and easy to use and can help take your culinary creations to the next level. 

Reach out to one of our customer service team and ask for available payment options for this amazing outdoor grill. Get it today.

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