Why do I need an Outdoor Kitchen?

Why do I need an Outdoor Kitchen?

As a matter of fact, it isn't necessary; if you've never had one, you won't miss it. You'll wonder how you managed without one once you've used one.

In the past decade, outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular - they're fantastic. The whole party is out there when you have a kitchen outdoors. Therefore, those responsible for cooking indoors will miss half the fun. But we can't let that happen.

In addition to these, having an outdoor kitchen is a great idea;

The convenience is great! Yes, it's not that far from your indoor kitchen to your patio; however, who wants to lug everything outside, then back inside when it's done? Additionally, you need to keep cold things cold and hot things hot. When you have a kitchen, you can store cookware, dishes, supplies; you can do all your preparations; and most importantly, you can interact with your guests as you work.

Having an outdoor kitchen is incredibly practical, but it also adds a luxurious touch to your home, increasing its value if you ever decide to sell. It will be worth it to you to hear all those ooohhhssss and aahhhsssss from potential buyers.

You will also have more space for entertaining with an outdoor kitchen. You can host more people and be comfortable at the same time. With a comfy seating area, an outdoor bar with a fridge, a killer grill, a pizza oven, outdoor lighting, an outdoor pergola, and a fire pit, who wouldn't want to have a party?

Outdoor cooking

It's more than just grilling food; it's about bringing the complete cooking experience outdoors. Grilled steaks can be pulled off the grill by anyone, but a true barbecue lover is curious to discover new possibilities. In addition to pizza on the grill, salmon smoked over a wood fire, or blueberry pancakes baked on the hotplate, he or she wants to bake a crisp pizza.

Grandhall Stone Island Outdoor kitchen + Elite GT4 Built-in - De TropenBergHOFF kitchen and cookware | BergHOFF Official WebsiteAny garden would look great with this fantastic outdoor kitchen

Includes a powerful Elite G4 built-in, a side burner, a sink and a handy trash can built in. An outdoor barbecue centre of high quality, well-designed and with ample storage space for maximum convenience when cooking meals in the garden or terrace. With the outdoor barbecue, there is a stainless steel 

GrandHall ELITE GT4 Gas Built in Grill, integrated into the stone worktop with a sink and a side cooker. Everything is lined with artificial stone in a black-grey colour. The barbecue center has a well-equipped gas grill with a large grilling area with an exclusive design for barbecue fans. 

Grandhall's barbecue kitchen features four stainless-steel burners providing high heat, a rear ceramic burner for slow roasting (Rotisserie - optional accessory, not included in delivery) and a side burner built into the worktop. 

The Grandhall Stone Island Outdoor kitchen also has a built-in sink that makes the grill center an independent kitchen. As a result of this feature, the grill will meet high hygiene standards. requirements when used in public settings. The sink has a place to wash food for grilling, by hand, and a basket where you can put leftovers, which you place in the cabinet. There is a plastic waste bin in the cabinet under the sink. Lots of storage space- grill accessories, BBQ sauces and spices with detergents can be easily stored in the pull-out drawer under the grill. There is a gas bottle holder behind the door in the right part of the outdoor kitchen.

Side Burner for Built In - The Barbecue Store Spain

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2nd Mar 2022

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