Choosing a no-fuss phone has never been more difficult. But luckily for you, we at Appliances Delivered have just the right thing – Alcatel mobile phones.


Why Choose Alcatel

If you’re already looking for an Alcatel phone to buy, you know how reliable they are – it’s not without reason that they’re the number 10 brand in the world. And if you’re tired of your phone acting up, you might be ready for a change. Although they never boast cutting-edge technology, Alcatel phones always seem to deliver on the most basic functions.


Of course, if you choose an Alcatel phone, you’ll have plenty of options in terms of type. The brand makes both feature phones and smartphones. In fact, some of their more popular models are clam phones, which we always have in stock.


And although Alcatel smartphone models aren’t as packed with the latest features as some other phones, they’re well worth the money you pay for them. In fact, they’re some of the more inexpensive phones that are currently available.  


So if you’re looking for a budget option that would serve you well, Alcatel is the way to go.


Our Delivery Promise

Buy your Alcatel mobile online and we’ll deliver it straight to your door in no more than 2 working days. This, of course, means no waiting in line, but for what price, you might ask. Well, that’s the best part, because all our mobile phones come with a low delivery fee of only €5.