Samsung, SM-S921BZKDEUB, Galaxy S24 128GB, Black

Samsung, SM-S921BZKDEUB, Galaxy S24 128GB, Black

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  • Samsung, SM-S921BZKDEUB, Galaxy S24 128GB, Black
  • Samsung, SM-S921BZKDEUB, Galaxy S24 128GB, Black
  • Samsung, SM-S921BZKDEUB, Galaxy S24 128GB, Black
  • Samsung, SM-S921BZKDEUB, Galaxy S24 128GB, Black
  • Samsung, SM-S921BZKDEUB, Galaxy S24 128GB, Black
  • Samsung, SM-S921BZKDEUB, Galaxy S24 128GB, Black

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 series redefines what a smartphone can do. With advanced AI enhancements, the Galaxy S24 series takes your mobile experience to new heights. You can now search, message and call in completely new ways that break down language, time and productivity barriers.

Why not transform your social accounts into photographic masterpieces with top-tier cameras that capture images in exceptional quality even in the dark. Plus, you’ll find powerful processors across the range, that let you effortlessly switch between multiple apps and deliver the ultimate mobile gaming experience. Paired with a huge battery capacity* you can watch and play all day without worrying about how much juice you have left.

Live AI Translation Tool

With mind-blowing AI tech, the Galaxy S24 series is like having your very own super-informed, multilingual PA in your pocket. The Galaxy S24’s super-advanced AI features save you time and effort to transform your smartphone experience. Here’s what you can expect from Galaxy AI and additional features from Google on the Galaxy S24:

Live Translate: Find yourself abroad and need to make a local call? Live Translate*** removes the language barrier, allowing both participants to speak and hear in your own language.
Note Assist: Short on time? No problem with Note Assist** you can summarise any written content into easy-to skim bullet points so you can get a clear overview of what you’re reading. It also allows you to reformat, change the structure, put in paragraphs and titles.
Transcript Assist: Now you can hand over your notetaking to Transcript Assist. The AI technology writes up conversations, including who said what, leaving you free to listen and contribute.
Chat Assist: When you’re looking for a better way to say it, Chat Assist provides suggestions in just the right tone, whether you’re messaging a mate or writing a post on social media.
Photo Assist: Create the perfect social feed with the help of Photo Assist, which makes expert recommendations and executes eye-popping edits – like removing objects or distracting reflections – for images that really stand out from the crowd.
Circle to Search with Google: From holiday spots to hair styles, Circle to Search** lets you find out about anything on your phone screen without the need to type. Just circle the object and voila, instant search results****.

*Typical value tested under third party laboratory conditions. Rated minimum capacity of S24 ultra is 4855mAh / S24+ 4565mAh / S24 3785mAh

**Accessible on any app that does not block screenshots

***Available in 13 languages from launch

****Image simulated. Sequence shortened. Actual UX/UI may differ. Requires network connection. Availability of search functions and its supported apps may vary by country, language and device. Results may vary depending on visual matches. Users may need to update Android to the latest version.

Brightest & Sharpest Pictures

Your pictures are about to look more impressive than ever with the incredible camera set-up across the Galaxy S24 smartphone series. The Samsung Galaxy S series is renowned for cutting-edge mobile camera set-ups and the latest Galaxy S24 series does not disappoint. You can expect high quality lenses that transform your social accounts into photographic masterpieces, and the enhanced AI captures super-bright, incredibly crisp images, even after dark.

Better Performance and Gaming Experience

The Galaxy S24 series features big upgrades in performance that means everything you do on your phone is taken to a whole new level. With super-bright screens, powerful processors and long-lasting batteries, you can now scroll, stream and game for even longer.

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