Apple, MTV03ZD/A, iPhone 15 Pro Blue 128GB

Apple, MTV03ZD/A, iPhone 15 Pro Blue 128GB

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  • Apple, MTV03ZD/A, iPhone 15 Pro Blue 128GB
  • Apple, MTV03ZD/A, iPhone 15 Pro Blue 128GB
  • Apple, MTV03ZD/A, iPhone 15 Pro Blue 128GB
  • Apple, MTV03ZD/A, iPhone 15 Pro Blue 128GB
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iPhone. Forged from titanium.

iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone made of high-quality titanium, the same alloy used for the spacecraft that go to Mars.

Titanium is known for its great weight to strength ratio. This makes these our lightest Pro models ever. You feel it immediately when you pick one up.

A17 Pro chip.

It's time. Never before has an Apple GPU been so radically redesigned. A17 Pro is an iPhone chip of a completely different order, delivering by far our best graphics ever.

Mobile games look beautiful and feel lifelike, with incredibly detailed environments and realistic characters. A17 Pro is also industry-leading fast and efficient. You will notice that.

A camera that captures your wildest ideas.

Give your subject an extra compelling image or take the latest generation of portrait photos. See what you can do with our most powerful camera system on iPhone.

On the iPhone 15 Pro you have different focal lengths at your disposal. It's like having seven pro lenses in your pocket, wherever you are.

The 48MP main camera is now more advanced than ever. Take super high-resolution photos with even more detail and color.

You can clearly see the difference in the portraits you make. And now you no longer have to manually switch to Portrait mode. When you photograph a person, dog, or cat, iPhone automatically records depth data. This allows you to immediately view your photo as a portrait, with a nice depth of field effect. Or you can do it later in the Photos app.

120mm professional zoom.

For iPhone 15 Pro Max, we developed a 5x telephoto camera with the longest optical zoom in an iPhone ever, which fits perfectly into our compact Pro camera system.

This allows you to take sharper close-ups from further away. For example, an impressive photo of a friend or a goal at your child's football match.

USB 3 Compatible.

iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone to support USB 3. That means a huge leap in transfer speed for faster professional workflows than ever.

The new USB-C connector lets you charge your Mac or iPad using the same cable as iPhone 15 Pro. Say goodbye to that mess of cables.

Thanks to new WiFi 6E, the transfer speed is twice as high. Uploading and downloading files is therefore very fast.

Are you trying to find someone at a busy station or in a crowded park? Then look no further than 'Precise Search' for 'Find My Friends'.

The new second-generation Ultra Wideband chip now gives 'Precise Search' three times the range. So whoever you are looking for, you will be next to them in no time.

To use Precise Find, your friends with iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro can only share their location with you through Find My. Easy. And private.

SOS at your side.

iPhone features SOS emergency notification via satellite and Accident Detection, two life-saving safety features.

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