How To Measure For A Washing Machine

How To Measure For A Washing Machine

So you’re buying a new washing machine for your home? We're here to guide you so that you can measure the space for your new appliance, as well as hook it up to water and electric systems. Your clothes will be as fresh as new in no time! You can also check out of full range of washing machines from Appliances Delivered at the same time.

Measure the Width and Height and Depth

If you already have a dishwasher, measure the height of the space from the floor in front of it, to the underside of the countertop over it. If you do not have a dishwasher already, measure in front of the space that you wish to install your new appliance. You also need to measure the width of the space, and the depth. Don’t forget to measure anything that is within that space, such as pipes and electrical boxes, as these will need to be taken into consideration when you are installing your washing machine.

Other Considerations

Locations; If you are planning on installing your washing machine in a corner or across from another structure such as an island or wall, you need to consider the space. The last thing you want is to have your brand new washing machine installed and fitted, only to realise that you cannot open the door. It is also recommended to place your washing machine against an exterior wall so that the waste pipe will not run through your home.

Flooring: If you installed a new floor since your last washing machine was installed, if may cause issues when you try to remove your old machine. It isn’t recommended to install your washing machine on a solid wood floor either, as water can cause irreparable damage to your floor. If you can, try to install your washing machine in an area with tile or waterproof vinyl flooring. Some laminates are also water-resistant.

Electricity: If a new electric socket is needed for your washing machine, it is best advised to have a qualified electrician do this. Washing machines also use a standard 13 amp socket. If the socket is situated above the work surface, you should run a spur from the socket to a switched fused connection unit. A cable should then run from this to an unswitched socket below the work surface. Again, if you do not feel confident with this, it is recommended to ask an electrician to have a look.

Water Supply: If you’re replacing an old washing machine, then your water supply pipes will already be in place. To connect your new appliance, screw the end your new machine’s cold water pipe to the blue valve on the end of your cold water supply pipe. To connect the hot water, do the same with the red valve. You can buy flexible hose if your new ones will not reach so do not worry about the length of the hose. If you do not already have water supply pipes in place, self-cutting valves are the easiest method to get your new washing machine ready.

So there you have it! Now that you’ve got your planning done, why not take a look at some of our top of the range washing machines to add to your home? If you would like to receive similar washing machine content, including buying guides, then subscribe to our Appliances Delivered email newsletter to receive updates on our new blogs!

2nd Mar 2022

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