How To Organise Your Fridge To Keep Your Food Fresh For Longer

Having an organised fridge might seem like a good idea for finding food quickly and for a visual appeal, however, did you know that having an unorganised fridge can ruin your food and make you unwell too? Your appliances have been designed with specific areas for everything inside your fridge. This guide will explain the best way to organise your food, and why it should be done this way.

Let’s Start From The Top

The top shelf of the fridge is where any cooked foods, ready-to-eat meals and leftover food should go. The reason for this is that, if there are any spills or leaks, it will not contaminate the food below. On the other hand, if raw meat was to leak from the top shelf, everything in your fridge would become unsafe to eat- especially ready-made food that you will put straight into your mouth. So the top shelf is for the safe, ready-to-eat foods.

Milk In The Middle

It is best to store eggs and dairy products such as milk, cheese and creams on the middle shelf. Many people like to store these on the door, however, the temperature of the door fluctuates and this can cause these products to go off quickly. The coolness of the middle shelf will improve the longevity of your dairy products.


If you do not have a fresh food drawer, then this is the place to store your raw meat. Dripping juices from raw meat can cause cross-contamination which will make you and anyone else who eats food from your fridge very sick. If you do have a fresh food drawer, then put the meat there and this shelf can also be used for milk and other dairy products if you need the space.

Humidity Drawer

The drawers are the best areas in the fridge for humidity. Fruit and vegetables are therefore best stored here. By storing fruit and vegetable correctly, you ensure that nutrients, such as vitamins, are preserved. The drawers are also generally safe from dripping and cross-contamination, however, if you are storing raw meat on the shelf above due to lack of drawers, it is best to wrap any open packets of vegetables. There is no harm in being safe!

Fresh Food Drawer

The bottom drawer is the coolest. The drawer is the best place for keeping raw meat and fish fresh. With no food below it, the rest of your food is completely safe from any leaks. Both this drawer and the vegetable drawer will also keep your food away from the back of the fridge where your food may accidentally freeze. If raw meat freezes, it can only be defrosted once before needing to be cooked or else it greatly increases the growth of bacteria and the chances of getting food poisoning.


As mentioned above, the door of the fridge is where temperatures fluctuate the most. Any condiments or drinks that are less likely to go off can be stored here. Try not to overfill this area or the shelf may break off.

What NOT To Put In Your Fridge

Hot Food

Hot food should not go in the fridge as it will increase the overall temperature in your fridge. This can cause the rest of the food in your fridge to spoil. The rise in temperature also promotes the growth of bacteria which can cause food poisoning. Let any food cool before putting it into the fridge, and then place it on the top shelf.

Gas Releasing Fruit and Vegetables

Gas releasing fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, bananas, avocados, plums, peaches, pears and nectarines should not go in the fridge. This gas can cause other fruits and vegetables to spoil. The cold air in the fridge can also prevent your fruit and veg from ripening.


Storing potatoes in the fridge can have an impact on their taste and texture. The cold turns the starch in the potatoes into sugar which will make your potato taste very sweet. Potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark place.


Similar to potatoes, bread will become dried out in the fridge. However, it is suitable for bread to be stored in a freezer for up to three months.


Coffee will absorb the odours in your fridge so it should be kept away from here.

By following the correct procedures when storing your food, you can keep your food fresher for longer while greatly reduce food wastage, your chances of getting food poisoning will drop, and your grocery shopping spend will benefit. If you still don't have much space in your fridge after following the above steps, you may want to consider getting yourself a larder fridge which has the most space. Need a new fridge? Have a look at our range on

2nd Mar 2022

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