​The Importance Of Water Quality For Coffee

​The Importance Of Water Quality For Coffee

An average cup of coffee is 2% coffee beans and 98% water. That’s a lot of water. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the quality of the water will have a large event on your end product: the cup of coffee.

Water Quality

Tap water is chemically treated in the majority of cities around the world. This is done to ensure that the water is safe to drink and doesn’t contain any bacteria or dirt that could make you sick. However, the chemicals used can impact the flavour and smell of your water. The increase of calcium and magnesium makes the water harder, and this affects the way the ground coffee and the hot water interacts. These minerals are still essential in the coffee-making process, but in smaller doses. Distilled water should also be avoided as its lack of minerals will leave you coffee tasting flat.

The temperature of the water also affects the way the coffee granules react and how your drink will taste. It is said that the perfect temperature for coffee is between 83 and 92°C. The flavour in this range varies and depends on personal preference. It is argued that pouring boiling water on coffee granules with burn it and impact negatively on the flavour. Some people might prefer this flavour. The information to take here is that temperature will affect the flavour, so find out what is right for you.

Water Filters

Many De’Longhi coffee machines come with a water filter that you fit to your water reservoir. The filter removes any extra minerals from the water. If you are living in an area where water is particularly hard, it might be better to use bottled water as the filter in your machine might not be strong enough to remove the minerals.

Coffee Machine Cleaning

Whether you choose to use tap water or bottled water in your coffee machine, it is important to regularly clean your coffee machine. Do this according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will prevent the mass build-up of minerals in your machine and this will keep your coffee tasting amazing, as well as improve the longevity of your coffee machine.

It’s clear to see that the water quality can really transform the character of your coffee. The mineral quality and temperature can accentuate the coffee’s acidity, or take it away. It affects the flavour completely and should not be taken for granted when brewing the best beverage. The coffee machines at AppliancesDelivered.ie will make the process much easier, so why not shop our range and find the best appliance for you?

14th Mar 2022

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