What Is a Dishwasher Drawer?

Have you ever seen a dishwasher in a drawer before? At Appliances Delivered we have a Double Integrated Drawer Dishwasher made by Fisher & Paykel. If you have a smaller household, that has less washing up to do, a dishwasher drawer is the perfect solution. They are often less time consuming and have energy savings. Although, there are benefits to standard dishwashers, these double dishwasher drawers can be used independently, and different wash programs can be set for each one.

Having two separate compartments is handy if you don’t want accompanying food residue interacting with each other. If your family has different eating habits (meat-eaters living with vegetarians/vegans or people with kosher requirements) having this dishwasher will be a huge relief!

If you are looking for a new dishwasher, then this option is worth consideration! If you order by 2pm, we will deliver the product to you the next day. If you thought that this blog was insightful and you would like to receive similar content from Appliances Delivered, then head over to our website where you can subscribe to ouremail newsletter.

2nd Mar 2022

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