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Heaters and electric blankets are unfortunately a necessary part of life living in Ireland. Heat up your room efficiently with our electric radiators and heaters. We have oil filled radiators, halogen heaters, fan heaters and electric stoves to make your rooms feel warm and snug. We also have a range of over and under electric blankets to keep you warm at night.

Found 20 products.

Warmlite 2000W Fan Heater Thermo WL44001

Warmlite 500W Frost Watcher WL41003

Lloytron Desk Fan 6" F1002WH



Warmlite 1200W Grey Halogen Heater WL42005

Lloytron 16" Pedestal Fan F1221WH



Warmlite 2000W Convection Heater WL41001

Lloytron 16" Wall Fan F1421WH

Pifco 2000W Fan Heater PE124

Pifco 2000W Downflow Heater P44014

Warmlite 2000W Bar Heater WL42008

Warmlite 2000W Oil Filled Radiator White WL43004Y

Pifco 2500W Tall Oil Filled Radiator Black P43005ZB

Warmlite 2000W Log effect Stove Fire WL46015

Warmlite 2000W Log effect Stove Fire WL46015C

Dyson Desk Fan White AM06

Dyson Desk Fan Blue AM06



Dyson Tower Fan AM07



Dyson Hot and Cool Desk Fan White AM09

Dyson Hot and Cool Desk Fan Black AM09

Dyson Humidifier AM10


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