Siemens, TI9573X9RW, Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Eq.9, Multi

Siemens, TI9573X9RW, Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Eq.9, Multi

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  • Siemens, TI9573X9RW, Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Eq.9, Multi
  • Siemens, TI9573X9RW, Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Eq.9, Multi
  • Siemens, TI9573X9RW, Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Eq.9, Multi
  • Siemens, TI9573X9RW, Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Eq.9, Multi
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From velvety macchiatos to hard-hitting espressos, this bean to cup machine from Siemens can do it all.�Create the perfect brew using the Home Connect app on your smart device and download international coffee specialities for fantastic new flavours. This model has two separate bean containers, so switching between your favourite brews couldn't be easier. They use separate grinders too, so the beans never come into contact with each other and flavours will always be kept pure. The amazing i-Aroma system ensures the ideal water temperature, grind size and water flow so every cup is bursting with flavour. Choosing your settings is effortless too, thanks to the interactive, full-colour TFT display. And the integrated milk container gives you barista-quality milk at the touch of a button.

Siemen's iAroma System delivers the finest flavours to each cup. It uses a special ceramic grinder to grind beans to their perfect consistency, a sensoFlow heater that reaches the ideal temperature and a smart water pump to maintain the best water pressure needed for maximum extraction. So, whether your poison is a hard-hitting espresso or a fluffy latte, you'll always get that kick you need.

The Coffee Select display makes choosing your desired drink easy. Use the sleek touch screen to explore the menu, and then when you've found the perfect one for you, just give its icon a quick tap. It'll start pouring right away, leaving you to crack on with breakfast - croissant anyone?

Because the OneTouch DoubleCup feature lets you make two cups at the same time, why not share the moment with a loved one? Once you've amicably (hopefully) agreed on the drink of choice, just give its icon a simple tap. This means you'll never have to wait twice as long to get stuck in, and you can enjoy a piping hot brew together.

Double the dose = double the energy! Siemen's aromaDouble Shot function is perfect for those early mornings. Instead of making one large espresso, it'll dish out two separate shots for a more intense and aromatic flavour. This means there's less water being used too, so you can enjoy an extra-strong drink to prise you out from under the covers.

autoMilk Clean keeps your milk pipes fresh and your drinks tasting great. After each use, the tube that your milk passes through will be automatically flushed and rinsed, to get rid of any leftover droplets. This stops them building up over time and keeps the machine really hygienic, for the best results every time.

If you find it difficult choosing which one of your favourite blends to use, this model's Dual Bean system is the answer to your prayers. There are two separate containers, so you can pop a different flavour in each. So, if one day you fancy a rich smoky aroma, and the next you're after a taste of cinnamon, this machine is ready to be your hero.

Siemen's Barista Mode makes it easy to customise drinks. Before it pours your coffee, you can play around with the strength, temperature and coffee-to-milk ratio. If you've already got your favourite settings in mind, or you're keen to explore your coffee pallet, this one is right up your street.

Smartphones can do so much these days, even when it comes to coffee. With Siemen's Home Connect app, you can pair it with your appliance via WiFi. This lets you explore new flavours, recipes and tips - or, if you've got a few friends over for dinner, you can even build a playlist of their requested drinks, and it'll reel them out one after the other.


  • Dual bean system with separate grinders
  • i-Aroma system delivers the best flavours to every cup
  • Innovative colour display is super-easy to use
  • Milk container is removable for easy storage & cleaning
  • Control from your smartphone with the Home Connect app
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