Whirlpool, W11OM14MS2P, W Collection 73L Single Oven, Black

Whirlpool, W11OM14MS2P, W Collection 73L Single Oven, Black

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  • Whirlpool, W11OM14MS2P, W Collection 73L Single Oven, Black
  • Whirlpool, W11OM14MS2P, W Collection 73L Single Oven, Black
  • Whirlpool, W11OM14MS2P, W Collection 73L Single Oven, Black
  • Whirlpool, W11OM14MS2P, W Collection 73L Single Oven, Black

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This Whirlpool built-in oven includes: self-cleaning technology that uses a high-temperature cycle to incinerate food residue, which you can then easily clean with a sponge. Advanced electrical technology that allows you to cook and save energy. Halogen lamp for more efficient energy performance. Exclusive 6th Sense technology, which allows you to choose between several pre-programmed recipes. The oven automatically adjusts cooking, temperature and time settings to ensure perfect results. Ready2Cook function, with a powerful convection system to quickly reach the ideal temperature, eliminating the need for preheating.

Pyrolytic Cleaning: Remove Dirt From Your Oven, Effortlessly

Are you having difficulty cleaning the oven? Program it to clean itself! The inside of the pyrolytic oven reaches extremely high temperatures and food residues are turned into ash that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

6th Sense Technology

Have no idea how to prepare a dish? Just select a recipe and 6th Sense technology makes it perfect!Cook without thinking! The innovative 6th Sense technology automatically adjusts time, temperature and humidity settings, ensuring perfect results every time and stopping cooking as soon as it's ready.

No More Guessing: A Great Assistant in Your Kitchen

The 6th SENSE cooking combinations know what to do to obtain perfect cooking every time. A suite of smart functions that will guide you through up to 100 cooking combinations, giving you the confidence to unleash your inner self and enjoy delicious dishes.

Cook4 Technology

Do You Need To Prepare a Complete Dinner For Many Guests?

The Cook4 technology in your Whirlpool oven allows you to make several preparations simultaneously, always guaranteeing great cooking results!

Considerable Savings in Time and Energy

Your oven allows you to cook four separate meals at the same time, without mixing flavors! You can create a menu from starters to dessert, all at the same time!

Maximum Flexibility

Cook four different or identical meals at the same time: the choice is yours!

Multisense Probe: Take the Worry Out of Cooking Meals Perfectly

For many meals, measuring the internal temperature is the most accurate method of determining whether the food is thoroughly cooked. For this reason, you can equip your Whirlpool oven with the patented MultiSense probe that monitors the temperature of the food at four points to ensure complete control inside and outside.Designed not only for meat but also for cake and bread.

6th Sense Live App

6TH SENSE technology automatically adjusts time, temperature and humidity settings to ensure perfect results, every time. With 6th Sense sensors and a choice of unique options, you can prepare the perfect meal while enjoying a completely intuitive experience.

XXL Cavity

All the space you need. The XXL cavity of your oven has a capacity of 73L, with 5 position levels for the tray.

Multifunction 8

Various cooking methods. The Multifunction 8 function provides flexible cooking options to ensure perfect results, whatever the recipe.

6th Sense Technology

Don't get tired anymore. Simply choose your recipes and let 6th Sense make them perfectly, every time. Up to 100 cooking combinations, organized to match your lifestyle and diet, for a complete assisted cooking experience.

Forced Air

Enhance the flavor. Thanks to Forced Air technology, preheated air circulates in the oven through an innovative convection system, offering juicy and delicious results.

Pyrolytic Technology

Cleaning dirt at the touch of a button. Pyrolytic technology uses a high-temperature cycle to burn food residue into ash, which can then be easily cleaned with a sponge. The heat-reflective glass panels on the oven door ensure that the outside temperature remains low for greater safety.

Ready2 Cook

No preheating is required. The Ready2Cook function uses a powerful convection system that quickly reaches the right temperature and completely eliminates the need for preheating.


The Cook4 function offers a unique level of flexibility that allows you to cook up to four dishes simultaneously, without mixing flavors.


The MultiSense Probe monitors the temperature of the food at four measurement points to ensure complete temperature control, inside and out. Whirlpool's MultiSense Probe ensures perfect cooking of dishes.

Design WCollection

A masterpiece of design. Whirlpool understands the importance of aesthetics and finishes. The W Collection's timeless design completes any kitchen style, while the appliances coordinate with each other, creating a coordinated aesthetic. Even glossy finishes are designed to be easy to clean, making fingerprints and smudges a thing of the past. From the chrome logo, to the painted glass, to the metal band, every detail has been designed to satisfy and enhance the overall Whirlpool experience.

Electronic Control

Electronic temperature control.

My Smart Display

MySmartDisplay is an organized and intuitive display that helps and inspires you to be a better cook. By simply choosing one of the many cooking combinations, MySmartDisplay guides the consumer through each step, from start to finish, in real time.

Meat Probe

Set the desired temperature and insert the Meat Probe into the food. The oven alerts you when your meal is ready to enjoy.

Telescopic Guides

Smooth movement. This Whirlpool Oven is equipped with sliding shelves for greater ease of use.

Cold Door

The innovative Cool Safe Door design offers additional peace of mind, even with children at home.


  • W collection
  • Wifi
  • Colour touchscreen
  • Built-in single oven
  • Multisense probe
  • 6th sense live app
  • 73L
  • Cook 4
  • Soft closing
  • Steam cleaning
  • 100+ assisted recipes
  • Telescopic rails x 2
  • Black glass with steel handle
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