Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washing machines are a useful appliance for washing laundry and for saving a lot of time and energy when it comes to cleaning clothes. They are a long-term investment that require consideration when choosing the correct one for you. There are many factors when deciding on the best appliances to suit your needs and lifestyle. From the drum size, spin speed, programmes and smart functions, it may seem daunting when choosing. We understand that the many factors can make it seem impossible, but we are here to help you before you make that important purchase.

Types of Washing Machines


A freestanding washing machine can be placed anywhere so long as there is a water supply and drainage. This type of washing machine is ideal for households that need flexibility.


An integrated washing machine is placed under a counter and is hidden with a custom door panel. Integrated machines are usually smaller and may have less additional features, however they are great for blending in with the rest of your room and aid in interior design. These type of appliances often need professional help when they are being installed.

Washing Machine Drum Size

There is a general standard when it comes to the height and width of a washing machine, however, there are large differences when it comes to drum sizes. Drum sizes range from 5kg to 13kg. This means, that you can choose whichever suits your lifestyle and family size. 5-7kg are often recommended for one or two people, while anything over 10kg would suit a large family. Any size in between would be ideal for the average family wash load size.

Washing Machine Spin Speed

Spin speed refers to the speed that the drum rotates. It is measure in ‘rpm’ or rotations per minute. These speeds can range from 1000 and 1600 rpm. The higher speeds mean that your clothes will be drier coming out of the washing machine, however, some clothes are more delicate and require a slower spin speed.

Measuring For A New Washing Machine

If you already have a washing machine, measure the height of the space from the floor in front of it, to the underside of the countertop over it. If you do not have a washing machine already, measure in front of the space that you wish to install your new appliance.

You also need to measure the width of the space, and the depth. Don’t forget to measure anything that is within that space, such as pipes and electrical boxes, as these will need to be taken into consideration when you are installing your washing machine.

Energy Ratings

Energy ratings are a well-discussed feature and applies to any electrical appliance. Energy ratings are there to help make decisions based of the eco-friendliness and long-term running cost of the product. Appliances that are A-rated are very energy-efficient, while G-rated appliances use a lot of energy to run. These ratings are becoming increasingly important as the conversation surrounding global warming continues. The annual water and energy consumption should be taken into consideration if selecting an eco-friendly washing machine is important to you.


Dark colours are easier to keep clean, while bright colours can make the environment look bigger. Grey gives you the best of both worlds and is easier to clean, is easy on the eye and can still give your home a spacious and modern feel to it.

Other Considerable Features

Quick Wash

The quick wash feature allows you to have a small load washed in 15 to 30 minutes. This is an excellent addition for anyone who needs small washes done quickly. That being said, it also uses up more energy than a standard programme.

Smart Washing

Advancements in technology now mean that some washing machines have smart features. This will allow you to start, stop and pause your wash loads using a Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone or other smart device. This is handy if you’re at work and realised that you put the washing into the machine but forgot to switch it in.

Steam Technology

Don’t like ironing? Well then you may want a washing machine with steam technology. This component means that the washing is steamed after being cleaned. The result is that your clothes are less creased, making the job of ironing a lot easier and quicker. This technology is also great for killing off any clingy allergens and lingering odours.

Auto Dosing

Is putting in the correct amount of detergent just guesswork for you? If a washing machine has an auto dosing feature, that means that it is able to measure and release the ideal amount of detergent that is necessary for each individual load.


Quiet appliances are increasingly growing in popularity. For people living in apartments, or if your machine is near your bedroom, office or study space, a washing machine with a quiet function may be a necessity. Features that function as a noise reduction are balance rings, shock absorption wash tubs and special algorithms and sensors that can rebalance the load, thus reducing the noise.

Specialised Programmes

Some washing machines have special programmes for specific types of clothing. An example is for sportswear. This programme will remove sweat stains and odours. This is done by using a longer cycle with a lower temperature so that the materials won’t be damaged. Other potential programmes could be used for runners, wool clothing and other delicates that might get damaged in a normal wash.


With such a large range of machines to choose from, we’ve made a list of some of our most trusted brands that have been proven to provide high-quality products.

29th Mar 2022

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