What Foods Can Go In A Pizza Oven Other Than Pizza?

What Foods Can Go In A Pizza Oven Other Than Pizza?

Considering getting yourself a new pizza oven? Excellent choice. Owning a pizza oven opens so many possibilities for your outdoor dining. Despite being called a pizza oven, you can cook a lot more than just pizzas in one. Pizza ovens are a lot more versatile than a barbeque and that woodfire taste really brings your food to another level that your ordinary oven can’t bring.

Roast Meat, Fish and Poultry

You can roast any meat, fish or poultry just like you would in a normal oven and it will taste oh-so-good. Chicken, turkey, sardines, salmon, beef? The heat of the fire will char and crisp the skin and give it an amazing texture along with the wonderful flavour. By cooking on a plank of wood that has been soaked in water, it will keep your food moist and give a smoky flavour that cannot be beat.

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork (and other pulled meats) is also possible in a pizza oven. It is recommended to use a low heat though in order to keep the meat nice and tender.


For a delicious and crispy steak, why not cook in in your pizza oven? Rib eye steak in particular is best for this type of cooking and will come out tender and juicy on the inside with a crisp surface,

Roasted Vegetables

You can cook more than meat! Soak some corn on the cob or other vegetables in some water before you put them in the pizza oven or else they will burn. Grill them on the oven floor and turn them often, keeping an eye on them to ensure that you don’t overcook them.


Potatoes can also be cooked in their skins which makes them very easy to prepare. The result will be a crispy skin with a soft inside.

Baked Cheese

Cheese with a rind and will melt can be baked in your pizza oven. This includes cheeses such as camembert, brie or halloumi. This type of cheese is delicious and can be served with bread.


Speaking about bread, this can also be baked in your pizza oven! Sourdough, garlic bread, you name it- why not try baking it in your pizza oven? Wood-fired pizza ovens will give your bread a unique rustic flavour that no other cooking methos will give you.


Cakes and crumbles can all be cooked in your pizza oven, just like they would in a normal oven. That means you can sort out all courses in your pizza oven and host the perfect outdoor dining experience.


Is outdoor dining really complete without s’mores? Toast the marshmallows in your pizza oven instead of sticking your arm near a fire. You’ll have a delicious treat and everyone will be coming back for s’more.

As you can see, the list of foods that you can cook in your pizza oven is endless. So why not spoil yourself and get cooking?

2nd Mar 2022

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