Whirlpool Appliances

Whirlpool Corporation is one of the top appliance manufacturers in the world, creating reliable appliances for over 100 years. Whirlpool’s beginnings in 1908 started with a business failure, but they managed to come back, growing from a 15-person company into a global business success, manufacturing their appliances in 70 countries across the world. Their first appliance was a washing machine, and over the last 100 years they have been developing their products, expanding their range, and improving lives in home all over the world. Whirlpool Corporation have gone on to acquire and produce many popular brands such as KitchenAid, Maytag, Indesit and Hotpoint, among many others.

Whirlpool now produce laundry, refrigeration, and cooking appliances. Whirlpool have even designed kitchen appliances that can be used in space. Whirlpool believe that moments matter, so they want to save you time on jobs around the house by bringing you appliances that let you focus on the things that are most important to you in life.

Browse our range of Whirlpool appliances below. In laundry, we have a selection of Whirlpool freestanding and integrated washing machines, as well as heat pump and condenser tumble dryers. In refrigeration, we have Whirlpool chest freezers and fridges. For cooking solutions, see our Whirlpool hobs including gas and induction hobs. We also have a range of freestanding, integrated, and slimline dishwashers.