Miele, 11093100, PowerDisk All in 1 , Multi

Miele, 11093100, PowerDisk All in 1 , Multi

  • Miele, 11093100, PowerDisk All in 1 , Multi
  • Miele, 11093100, PowerDisk All in 1 , Multi

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Let your Miele dishwasher dispense the detergent on your behalf for up to 20 loads by using the dedicated PowerDisk cartridge.

This product is exclusively for use with Miele models that benefit from the innovative AutoDos automatic dispensing system.

This precisely distributes detergent from the PowerDisk, at various points of the cycle, for maximum performance with minimal waste.

Simply load the PowerDisk into the integrated holder, which is accessed at the turn of the AutoDos lid, on the inside door of the dishwasher.

It takes the guess work of judging the cleaning agents needed for each load, with AutoDos only taking the dishwasher powder and rinse aid that is required for the cycle.

You're assured of sparkling results, every time, and each PowerDisk should last for around a month. They are available from us, as an approved Miele retailer.

The AutoDos button will be clearly labelled on the digital display of a compatible dishwasher and a message will appear when a PowerDisk almost empty.

Further benefits of the Miele PowerDisk All in 1 Dishwasher Detergent

  • This is an exclusive powder granulate - no alternative cartridges can be used.
  • The formula is specially developed for the capabilities of a Miele dishwasher.
  • The detergent released gives glasses extra special care, with the gentle cycle.
  • Active oxygen content adds an extra bit of power to tackle well-soiled dishes.
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