Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards, 300302, Mr Crystal Clear Iron, Black

Morphy Richards, 300302, Mr Crystal Clear Iron, Black

Morphy Richards
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The Crystal Clear Gold Iron has a clear water tank making the water level easy to view, and comes with an extra-long 2.5m cable for easy reach. 
This iron also comes with the extra safe Auto Shut Off feature, so if you accidentally leave it on, the iron will switch off automatically if unused. The large filler cap makes topping up the water level easy and helps to avoid spills, and the convenient cable clip helps to keep the cable in place while the iron isn?t in use. 
Additionally, the precision tip ceramic soleplate to glide over all fabrics and get into those hard to reach areas.

Crystal Clear Water Tank
Our range of Crystal Clear irons have easy view water tanks, to help you to avoid running out when ironing, or the tank overflowing when you fill it up.
Easy Reach 2.5m Power Cable
The extra-long 2.5m cable allows you to comfortably reach the length of your ironing board, without being restricted by the cable and plug socket.
Auto Shut-Off
We all know the feeling, 'Did I remember to turn the iron off?' The extra safe Auto Shut-Off feature detects when the iron has been left turned on but not used, and will automatically turn the iron off after 8 minutes of disuse. 
35g Per Minute Constant Steam
35g of constant steam per minute allows you to glide from item to item with ease, making ironing no longer a chore.
120g Steam Boost
With the touch of a button you can boost the steam to 120g, so that you can get through even the toughest creases.
Large Filler Cap 
The large filler cap provides easier access to fill up than standard irons, meaning less chance of spillage.
Easy Store Cable Clip
Wrap the cable around the base of the iron and secure in place with the convenient easy store cable clip.
3 Year Guarantee
All our products are manufactured to the highest standard, and extensively tested in the UK:
The soleplate has been tested to 100km - over 60,000 pairs of jeans!
We have drop tested the iron 4,000 times - so we know it's built to last.

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